Guest Coach Dave Leger on the Swarm Defensive Zone Coverage

Dave Leger, a coaching veteran of 20+ years has coached all over the world, including Jr. A, Major Junior and University in Canada, and professional hockey in the ECHL, Asia League, Erste Ligue, and Poland. He won the Asia League championship as well as a silver and bronze medal with the Polish U20 and U18Continue reading “Guest Coach Dave Leger on the Swarm Defensive Zone Coverage”


The waterfall game is terrific for passing, deception, shooting off the pass and creativity on offense. On defense the players are challenged to use their stick and body position to take away passing lanes and influence the puck. It’s also fun! Players love it. Description: 4v2 in the zone until puck is scored, frozen, clearedContinue reading “Waterfall”

Team Defense: Take Away Space, Pressure the Puck

Playing defense is about getting the puck back. The best teams are attacking without the puck in order gain possession as quickly as possible. In defensive possession moments such as defensive zone coverage, many forecheck situations, and faceoff losses, the goal is to eliminate space and isolate the puck carrier from their options. In defensiveContinue reading “Team Defense: Take Away Space, Pressure the Puck”

Red Wing 2v1

I found this drill a few years ago while watching a clip of the Detroit Red Wings Development Camp. This is a terrific way to practice execution at full speed. The backchecker provides pressure from behind, forcing the attacking players into a realistic game situation. A common problem with many 2 v 1 drills isContinue reading “Red Wing 2v1”