Talent that Whispers

There are two types of talent. Talent that shouts and talent that whispers. Talent that shouts is the the type of talent that is hard to miss… it’s the shiny object that everyone notices as unique and special. Talent that whispers is less obvious. It’s the undervalued talent that is hard to identify. The problemContinue reading “Talent that Whispers”

Board Play, Changing Speed, and Scoring Goals

When looking at every goal the Curry College hockey team scored in 2019/20 it was interesting to see how many goals happened after successfully taking the puck off the boards.  If I categorize our goals by the original zone that the scoring play started, the percentage of goals originating with successful board play is asContinue reading “Board Play, Changing Speed, and Scoring Goals”

There is an ‘I’ in Team

There is an ‘I’ in Team. Every team is comprised of a group of individuals with their own personal beliefs, values, struggles, strengths, etc. And it’s important to remember that we are coaching people, not a sport. Your team will be better if you surround yourself with people who are adaptable, curious, positive, and relentlessContinue reading “There is an ‘I’ in Team”

Team Defense: Take Away Space, Pressure the Puck

Playing defense is about getting the puck back. The best teams are attacking without the puck in order gain possession as quickly as possible. In defensive possession moments such as defensive zone coverage, many forecheck situations, and faceoff losses, the goal is to eliminate space and isolate the puck carrier from their options. In defensiveContinue reading “Team Defense: Take Away Space, Pressure the Puck”

Are you a "player's coach"?

If you are not a “player’s coach,” then who are you coaching? I believe it is the coach’s responsibility to create an environment that is positive and committed to the development of each individual on the team. Like a rising tide lifts all boats, if we help a player make improvements in their physical, psychological,Continue reading “Are you a "player's coach"?”

Red Wing 2v1

I found this drill a few years ago while watching a clip of the Detroit Red Wings Development Camp. This is a terrific way to practice execution and scoring at full speed. The backchecker provides the constraint for the attacking players that forces a full speed attack that is realistic for a transition opportunity inContinue reading “Red Wing 2v1”