Why Holistic Development?

Taking a holistic approach means you are viewing the player as a human being, taking the time to consider beyond physical and technical aspects; supporting mental, social, emotional, and spiritual needs. Making the commitment to develop your athletes in a holistic nature requires time and care. So, why should we invest in our people thisContinue reading “Why Holistic Development?”

Harmony Does Not Equal Performance

Harmony feels good. Everyone enjoys it when the vibe in the locker room feels positive and connected. However, there is a trap that can exist on teams with strong social bonds. People don’t want to speak hard truth for the risk of disrupting the good feelings. As much as we would all prefer a harmoniousContinue reading “Harmony Does Not Equal Performance”

What is a Coach?

Kocs is a small Hungarian village that is known for building horse drawn carts, called “kosci”. These carts transported people between Budapest and Vienna in the 15th century. The word “coach” comes from the Hungarian word, “kocsi”. Kosci were designed to transport people from where they are to where they want to go. It’s aContinue reading “What is a Coach?”

Are You a Player’s Coach?

If you are not a “player’s coach,” then who are you coaching? It is the coach’s responsibility to create an environment that is positive and committed to the development of each individual on the team. Like a rising tide lifts all boats, if we help a player make improvements in their physical, psychological, technical, orContinue reading “Are You a Player’s Coach?”

Join the Conversation about the ‘Tough Stuff’ of Being a Head Coach

Register: To register for this free event, sign up below. Subscribers to the Coaching Project newsletter will automatically receive an invite and do not need to register. Invitations will be sent out on Tuesday, May 18 with the link to the Zoom meeting. There is a limit of 100 participants. Details Join us on Tuesday,Continue reading “Join the Conversation about the ‘Tough Stuff’ of Being a Head Coach”

Learning from Women’s Ice-Hockey

The rules of a game dictate constraints and affordances. In women’s ice-hockey, body checking is a minor penalty and therefore the players are constrained to defend without it. However, they are afforded the opportunity to develop critical defending skills such as using the stick effectively, taking away space with angling, and getting above the puckContinue reading “Learning from Women’s Ice-Hockey”

How Range of Knowledge Impacts Coaching

“I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.” – Abraham Maslow In the book, Range, by David Epstein the concept of having “range” is provided as a predictor of success over the long-term. It explains why “generalists triumph in aContinue reading “How Range of Knowledge Impacts Coaching”

What is Breakthrough Knowledge?

Breakthrough knowledge creates insight. It can create exciting connections between ideas or it can contradict your current opinion. Often uncomfortable, breakthroughs force an acceptance that your thinking has been incomplete. It can also be energizing because you have found something brand new to explore; something you have never considered. With curiosity and an open mind, breakthroughContinue reading “What is Breakthrough Knowledge?”