How Range of Knowledge Impacts Coaching

“I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.” – Abraham Maslow In the book, Range, by David Epstein the concept of having “range” is provided as a predictor of success over the long-term. It explains why “generalists triumph in aContinue reading “How Range of Knowledge Impacts Coaching”

What is Breakthrough Knowledge?

Breakthrough knowledge hits you hard. It fundamentally changes your opinion in a way there is no turning back. It can be uncomfortable because it forces you to accept that you have been wrong about something or your thinking has been incomplete. It can also be energizing because you have found something brand new to explore; somethingContinue reading “What is Breakthrough Knowledge?”

Creating Offense – Attacking the Soft Areas

Joining the Coaching Project as a guest coach is Nick Carpenito, Associate Head Coach at Northeastern University Women’s Hockey. Northeastern is a top program in the NCAA; this year falling just short of the National Championship in overtime vs. the University of Wisconsin. Prior to coaching at Northeastern, Nick was an Assistant Coach at UnionContinue reading “Creating Offense – Attacking the Soft Areas”

First Principle of Coaching

The word, “coach” comes from the Hungarian word, “kocsi” Kocs is a small Hungarian village that is known for building horse drawn carts, called “kosci”. These carts transported people between Budapest and Vienna in the 15th century. Kosci were designed to transport people from where they are to where they want to go. A simplyContinue reading “First Principle of Coaching”

Using the Net in the Offensive Zone

Andrew Dovey joins the Coaching Project as a guest coach this month to talk about using the net in the offensive zone. Andrew is an experienced collegiate hockey coach, currently serving as Assistant Coach with the University of Toronto Varsity Blues. Prior to U of T, Andrew was an Assistant Coach at Canisius College inContinue reading “Using the Net in the Offensive Zone”

The Space Between the Notes – Art of Coaching

Musician and story teller, Doug Keeley, once told me the space between the notes defines music just as much as the notes do. The moments of silence draw you in, capture your attention, surprise you, create suspense, and ultimately impact your experience completely. Miles Davis, the famous jazz artist was fearless about using the spaceContinue reading “The Space Between the Notes – Art of Coaching”

Guest Coach: Kyle MacLennan on Progress Over Perfection in Development

I am thrilled to present Kyle MacLennan, Head Coach of Weeks Majors U18 in the Nova Scotia Major Midget Hockey League as guest coach for the Coaching Project. Kyle is a rising star and you can learn more about him and the Weeks Majors here. Kyle shares his experience with the tension between his commitmentContinue reading “Guest Coach: Kyle MacLennan on Progress Over Perfection in Development”

Join the Conversation about Balancing Development and Winning

Join us on Wednesday, January 27 from 8-9pm EST for an interactive conversation about balancing the need to develop athletes with the pressure to win. We will discuss: The tension between individual development and team performance. How top coaches across all ages and levels approach the balance between development and winning. Actionable information from theContinue reading “Join the Conversation about Balancing Development and Winning”