Why Holistic Development?

Taking a holistic approach means you are viewing the player as a human being, taking the time to consider beyond physical and technical aspects; supporting mental, social, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Making the commitment to develop your athletes in a holistic nature requires time and care. So, why should we invest in our people this way?

1. Expedite growth:
We have our athletes for a limited period of time and we want to expedite their growth. It’s a race against the clock. When the mind is engaged, body is supported, and soul is inspired then you are in a position to do great work. When the organization operates with an authentic awareness of human needs, the individuals will feel connected to each other and the organization. This leads to increased and sustained motivation.

2. Improve team performance:
You don’t have to choose between development and winning. Developing your athletes is a part of the strategy to win. Like a rising tide lifts all boats, as one player improves so will your team. When a commitment to individual development is weaved into the team culture it promotes positive behaviors that lead to winning.

3. Build character and life skills:
We want our athletes to graduate our programs as better people, ready to contribute to society as productive leaders, citizens, family members, and friends. Teaching them how to learn, reflect, and strive to improve in an environment that is connected, supported and positively challenged will produce life skills.

Resources to support holistic development:

Leading Through Curiosity 

Are you a player’s coach?

Expediting Development 

Truly Coaching the Human

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