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Making the Magic Man, Pavel Datsyuk Coaching Project

Pavel Datsyuk is one of the 100 greatest NHL players of all time. His unique and sophisticated skill set has garnered him the name, “Magic Man”. We examine the ecological dynamics of athlete development, using Datsyuk as the back drop for the discussion. I am thrilled to welcome Vladislav Bespomoschnov and Mark O’Sullivan who published the case study, “Pavel Datsyuk: Learning, Development, and Becoming the Magic Man. Follow Mark O’Sullivan: Twitter: @markstkhlm Blog on Learning IN Development and task design Email: Follow Vlad Bespomoschnov @vladbspm Subscribe to the Coaching Project for Leaders in Sport:
  1. Making the Magic Man, Pavel Datsyuk
  2. Make the Most of Exit Interviews with Dr. Gary Bowman
  3. Self-Determination Theory Applied to Individual Player Development Plans
  4. Extreme Ownership Series: Prioritize and Execute with Commander(RET) Mike Wisecup US Navy
  5. The Tough Stuff – Panel Discussion
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