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The Space Between the Notes – Art of Coaching

Musician and story teller, Doug Keeley, once told me the space between the notes defines music just as much as the notes do. The moments of silence draw you in, capture your attention, surprise you, create suspense, and ultimately impact your experience completely. Miles Davis, the famous jazz artist was fearless about using the spaceContinue reading “The Space Between the Notes – Art of Coaching”

Guest Coach: Kyle MacLennan on Progress Over Perfection in Development

I am thrilled to present Kyle MacLennan, Head Coach of Weeks Majors U18 in the Nova Scotia Major Midget Hockey League as guest coach for the Coaching Project. Kyle is a rising star and you can learn more about him and the Weeks Majors here. Kyle shares his experience with the tension between his commitmentContinue reading “Guest Coach: Kyle MacLennan on Progress Over Perfection in Development”

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