Using the Net in the Offensive Zone

Andrew Dovey joins the Coaching Project as a guest coach this month to talk about using the net in the offensive zone. Andrew is an experienced collegiate hockey coach, currently serving as Assistant Coach with the University of Toronto Varsity Blues. Prior to U of T, Andrew was an Assistant Coach at Canisius College inContinue reading “Using the Net in the Offensive Zone”

The Space Between the Notes – Art of Coaching

Musician and story teller, Doug Keeley, once told me the space between the notes defines music just as much as the notes do. The moments of silence draw you in, capture your attention, surprise you, create suspense, and ultimately impact your experience completely. Miles Davis, the famous jazz artist was fearless about using the spaceContinue reading “The Space Between the Notes – Art of Coaching”

Guest Coach: Kyle MacLennan on Progress Over Perfection in Development

I am thrilled to present Kyle MacLennan, Head Coach of Weeks Majors U18 in the Nova Scotia Major Midget Hockey League as guest coach for the Coaching Project. Kyle is a rising star and you can learn more about him and the Weeks Majors here. Kyle shares his experience with the tension between his commitmentContinue reading “Guest Coach: Kyle MacLennan on Progress Over Perfection in Development”

Join the Conversation about Balancing Development and Winning

Join us on Wednesday, January 27 from 8-9pm EST for an interactive conversation about balancing the need to develop athletes with the pressure to win. We will discuss: The tension between individual development and team performance. How top coaches across all ages and levels approach the balance between development and winning. Actionable information from theContinue reading “Join the Conversation about Balancing Development and Winning”

Guest Coach Dave Leger on the Swarm Defensive Zone Coverage

Dave Leger, a coaching veteran of 20+ years has coached all over the world, including Jr. A, Major Junior and University in Canada, and professional hockey in the ECHL, Asia League, Erste Ligue, and Poland. He won the Asia League championship as well as a silver and bronze medal with the Polish U20 and U18Continue reading “Guest Coach Dave Leger on the Swarm Defensive Zone Coverage”

“Don’t Race Trains” – Leverage the Basics for Big Time Results

At the 2004 Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting, Charlie Munger responded to a young shareholder who asked how to succeed in life. He quipped, “Don’t do cocaine. Don’t race trains”. Often the best path to success is to avoid beating yourself. Taking the time to consider the pitfalls and planning to avoid them is a soundContinue reading ““Don’t Race Trains” – Leverage the Basics for Big Time Results”

Teach Skills that Matter with First Principles

There’s a big difference between following a recipe and knowing how to cook. There’s a big difference between stealing a drill and understanding why you are doing the drill. We need to know the basic principles that make a skill, concept, or system work and how it applies in a game situation. When that isContinue reading “Teach Skills that Matter with First Principles”


The waterfall game is terrific for passing, deception, shooting off the pass and creativity on offense. On defense the players are challenged to use their stick and body position to take away passing lanes and influence the puck. It’s also fun! Players love it. Description: 4v2 in the zone until puck is scored, frozen, clearedContinue reading “Waterfall”

COVID Affordance: Playing Defense with a Great Stick

I want to play games. But, within the constraints of COVID protocols, there is an exciting opportunity in front of hockey coaches and players everywhere. We get to invest time in individual player development. In college sports, we are typically constrained with time, giving us just a few weeks to prepare for early season gamesContinue reading “COVID Affordance: Playing Defense with a Great Stick”