Expectations vs. Possibilities

Every team I have been a part of has had a set of expectations for the players. They usually capture on ice and off ice behavior and it is meant to help create an identity and to uphold a certain image for the organization. This intention is positive and in many ways helpful for the athletes to know the rules they are operating under.

But is it the best way?

Expectations can be suppressing and often come with the assertion that if you don’t comply you won’t be a member of the organization very long. It can increase pressure and diminish individuality.

What if rather than expectations we use the word, possibilities? A subtle play with the words could make all the difference.

In this program, it’s possible to make positive changes in our community. In this program, it’s possible to take advantage of support to excel in the classroom. In this program, it’s possible to get extra ice-time, personalized workouts, and access video technology. In this program, it’s possible to be a super star and set yourself up for life.

Possibilities are empowering and give people the permission to be their best and most true self within the context of the program. You are seeding a self-directed desire to perform rather than an imposed pressure to perform.

Food for thought…

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