The Key to Human Performance

There is not one single key to human performance. Rather, you will need many keys to unlock your way to performing your best in an ever-changing landscape. From a coaching standpoint we should be creating an environment that promotes continual growth through a commitment to empowering individuals so they can have ownership in their development journey. From the perspective of the athlete, passion and love for your craft is what will give you the limitless well of energy needed to unlock your optimal performance.

I met up with Dr. Gary Bowman to discuss the many factors that go into human performance. Gary is a former college hockey player and professional strength coach in the American Hockey League. He currently oversees Propel Health and Human Performance

In this podcast we cover keys to unlocking human performance:
-Empowering young athletes to take responsibility of their development
-Re-thinking fitness testing
-Gaps in player/coach communication
-Recruiting and the evaluation process
-Selecting a college from the perspective of the prospect
-Sustaining high performance and a nod to Jocko Willink!
-Propel Human Performance

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